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    First time Mac user (and notebook owner) - ? about office
    I just ordered my first MAC (the 13inch white Macbook with Core 2 duo, 2mb ram, 80gb HD). I will be using it for mainly word processing (for papers for school) and for internet (for research and just personal use). I also plan to watch dvd's with it. But othwerise the rest is just stuff for me to discover. I bought the office 04 software when i ordered the notebook.

    ANyways my question is this: Is the Office software neccessary or would i be perfectly fine using NeoOffice. I want to be able to have full compatibility with Office programs on PC's that are at my university (in case i have to print something out). I know the guy at apple said id be fine with the mac version printing out on a PC (as in the formatting wouldnt be changed). Will i be able to do the same with the free program NEOoffice? If so then the MAC office program is just a waste of 150 imo.

    I read threads on here that the mac program is slow too. I just dont want to have anyh problems as this is why i got a notebook/laptop to begin with (have only had a pc desktop up until now). I also dont really know much about Neo-office. Is this program compatible with pc microsoft office programs? What is teh basic difference between the two (besides cost).

    Thanks for your help.

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    neooffice should be able to do anything the basic office suite does, save in the same format, etc. at the very least, try it forst before investing in an expensive office app from ms or apple.

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