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    My screen is busted, and this is my ONLY computer...
    I just purchased a do I make my Powerbook G4 work with my new monitor? I used the DVI to VGA cables but on the monitor...everything is offscreen (meaning, if i want to see something on my monitor, I have to drag everything "offscreen" of the laptop screen).

    Is it resolution problem? How do I fix this? I need a working computer for homework and such. Thanks for all the help!

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    check that out. youll need an external keyboard and mouse

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    You have screen spanning turned on. You are going to need to put the computer on mirroring mode and then it will work for you. To put it into mirror you will have to hit fn+F7
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    If the screen is your only problem, you will not need a external key board and mouse only a monitor that will accept being plugged into (i use a 27" LCD TV). Go up to your mirroring key and you are off to the races. If you want to replace your screen, go to EBay and find one then a DIY Mac Fixit site and order yourself a repair CD and the necessary tools and get with it. NOTE: if you have a problem following direction, you will have trouble with this parts change (the plug-ins for the screen dictate the computer need to be nearly completely disassembled.

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