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    Nov 29, 2006
    White MAC books turning yellow?
    Okay I just purchased a white MAC book in thursday. I was aware of this issue before, and i dont really mind tbh. Is there any way to prevent/stop the white macbooks turning yellow?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Apple Addressed this and changed their case so you shouldnt have any problems.

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    There's always this if you're picky, and/or don't trust your filthy palms.

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    I'm tell you! shieldzone protection is the BEST!! Just installed it today - I don't think I'm allowed to refer to their website, so google it - it completely solves the dirty wrist problem! Also protects the cover, although I really hate the touchpad/mousepad cover part(can't seem to smoothly go over the touchpad). :yinyang: I am NOT a sponsor, or whatever for them - just a very satisfied customer.

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    Apart from wear and tear scratches, the only thing wrong with my iBook is the thin line of dirt that gets caught between where the different pieces that make up the whole external "shell" meet...I want to get rid of it so bad, but I doubt there's any way..

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