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    Question MacBook Pro - Replacement Keys with Windows Logo
    Anyone know where one can find replacement keys for the MacBook Pro with (gulp, yes I know) the Windows logo on it? If not replacement keys, how about decals (In my XP BootCamp Iím remapping Control, Alt, Windows keys and would like a better visual reminder of their new locations).

    Or perhaps any idea where I can find some?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    try ebay. probably have stickers. Replacement keys? i think not.

    either way in windows the apple button is the windows button. who cares if it says "start" on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgeier82 View Post
    either way in windows the apple button is the windows button. who cares if it says "start" on it.
    I agree, no sticker or replacement key needed here... It really isn't that hard to remember, IMO.

    My two cents?... I would recommend getting used to the differences and simply acclimating yourself to the Mac OS and not worry so much about the Windows side of things.

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    just use a posted note

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    I'm more of a classic car guy by nature. And most car guys have the motto, "it's your car, do what you want with it". But in some cases, the things people do are "just wrong". For example, putting a chevy 350 motor in an old ford truck: it just seems wrong to cross brands.

    I think epople can do what they want with their computer, but I'll have to send this case to the "just wrong" category. But I suppose anyone with bootcamp/XP would beg to differ.

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