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Thread: Connect Mac Book Pro to HDTV

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    Connect Mac Book Pro to HDTV
    Hi all. I have a 15" Mac Book Pro and am trying to figure out the best way to connect it to my HDTV. I have an HDMI port, an S-Video port, and the standard RCA ports. Which connection methods are available for possible connection and which ones will result in the best quality picture output on my TV? Which cables are needed to do this?

    Thanks Much.

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    go to best buy or frys...

    buy a DVI to HDMI cord.... viola! (make sure it's long enough though)

    Oh, and they're not exactly cheap

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    Alternative way
    Well, your MacBook probably has a mini videoport... And your tv probably has a VGA port... If you go on or probably even go to best buy, you can find a mini-videoport to VGA cable. You will also need a regular VGA cable (probably found at same place as other cable) plug the mini-videoport end into the port on your mac, plug th VGA cable into the other end of themini-videoport cable, and finally, plug the other end of the VGA cable into your tv/monitor. It might not be high definition, but it will work, and you will have dual screens for your mac

    hope I helped you

    sorry so Late

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