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    please help me install tiger on my fixed mbp
    OK so heres my story:

    ive got a 15" macbook pro core duo with 512mb ram and 80gb harddrive with Mac OS X 10.4.7. about 3 weeks ago i got a kernel panic and it did not want boot into normal or safe mode. at normal boot it just hung at the blue login screen and at safe boot it just shut down! i tried everything... reset pram, fsck thingy, repair permissions and nothing!

    i decided to do an archive and install and it said "There were errors during the installation...Please try again." I then tried another 3 times and no luck. I then tried an erase and install (lucky i backed up) and it said the same thing! after another 5 erase and installs and zeroing out the harddrive... no luck! so i checked the install logs and found either one or the other of these errors in each erase and install:

    - "BomFatalError - cpio read error: bad file format" and "Install Failed: Some files or Essentials may not have been written correctly"
    - "BomFileError 2: No Such file or directory - ./usr/bin/ssh-add and "Install Failed: Some files or Essentials may not have been written correctly"

    so i rang apple care and he told me to run a hardware test on the install disk. i got a 4MEM/.....(some numbers) error so i sent it to my local mac shop and they serviced it.

    when it was ready (2 weeks later!!!!) i picked it up and they said they replaced the logic board. when i got home i did the hardware test again and it came up with the same 4MEM/..... error again! i then tried to install tiger and it gave the same install error again arrrghhhh!!!! WTF!! can someone please help me! i am very frustrated!

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    It seems to me if you brought the computer into your local Apple shop for a problem and that problem still exists when you get it back, the issue is with Apple and their repair shop.

    My suggestion is for you to call AppleCare immediately and explain the situation.

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    Sorry to hear the trouble. As caribiner23 said it is up to repair ppl + AppleCare to take care of the situation. It may be a deffective Mac that you got.

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