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Thread: Macbook Pro Cases

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    Unhappy Macbook Pro Cases
    Yea well Im set with getting the macbook pro
    but which case do i go with?
    I mean i will be in year 11 and i will take my macbook pro to school once in a while but i want some sort of protection

    i heard the stm series are good bags and sleeves but not sure..

    i want a bag that doesn't scream out to everyone that i have a laptop u know.. I want a casual looking shoulder bag that will fit my macbook pro and maybe some books, plus it has to be affordable. I dont want ridiculous prices like more than 50 and stuff..
    i know im cheap but i dont caree!!
    umm.. I want it to have nice padding so that it wont break easily
    thanks for any help in advance

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    Check out I have heard nothing but good things about their bags, but they are a little more expensive; and worth it. If you don't want a laptop bag look, just buy an incase sleeve and use it for extra protection in any bag you want to use; which is what I have done.

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