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    Ibook 14 1.33 or 1ghz
    I decided to buy ibook, and I dont know which one should I pick

    Ibook 14 1ghz 512 ram 40gb -- 530$


    Ibokk 14 1.33 512 ram 60gb-- 610$
    Both have 10.4

    I dont care about hard drive, but speed is important factor. Will I notice difference? Is it worth 80$ to buy 1.33?
    I preffer the cheapest one, but still confused what to choose.

    Please help

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    The 14 inch iBook 1 ghz model was introduced 10/22/2003

    The 14 inch iBook 1.33 ghz model was introduced late 2004.

    So, all things being equal, the 1.33 ghz model has (on average) 1 year less use, wear and tear. Add to that, a 33% faster cpu, the larger drive and higher resale value and, IMO, thats worth $80 +


    P.S. My mom has the 14 inch 1.33 ghz iBook and it is a sweet machine. She loves it.

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