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    Question Extremely slow superdrive?
    Hello All -

    I had posted a topic regarding slow import into iTunes and apparently the topic got moved into iPod/iTunes section. However, I believe that this is a MBP hardware issue and this issue needs attention here.

    Here's the original post:

    As you can see, this actually has nothing to do with iTunes (it would appear), as my whole superdrive is on the slow side. I can still read CD/DVD and can also burn both... however at 4x read and taking the better half of an hour to transfer 700MB of files to the HD just doesn't seem right.

    Has anyone else had similar issues? Also, should the MBP Superdrive make a considerable amount of noise? Mine sounds like it powers up to speed when you first put the CD in but immediately slows back down and it doesn't make a peep after that initial 2 second 'burst'.

    Also, because I am new with Apple and Apple support - what is the best way to handle this - going in the store (and subsequently waiting until God knows when?) or on the phone, etc, etc...

    Thanks for all your help - this forum seems to hold some intelligent posters and any advice you could lend is greatly appreciated.


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    I guess no one has any ideas on this one?

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