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    Left speaker not working/ very weak
    My left speaker on my MB Pro is very weak compared to my right speaker. The roght speaker is very loud compared to my left one. Is it supposed to be like this, being stereo speakers or is my left speaker blown?

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    go to your sound preferences first and see how your speakers are balanced. ie: is the total output more concentrated on right speaker instead of your left one. if it is centered then check the media player/dvd player or whatever it is you're using and see if those have similar settings that could be affecting the output of the left speaker. if those are ok then i'd suggest you take it to Apple and let them have a look because the speakers are supposed to be balanced.

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    Left speaker issues
    Hi, I've got an iBook and occasionally the left speaker has ceased working. First happened within the first few weeks of having it, but managed to find a solution. If you have Tiger, type "audio" in spotlight, and click on Audio MIDI Setup. In the bottom right of the screen (if in "Audio Devices" tab) are two volume sliders, they should be equal but aren't when you are having these speaker issues.

    Hopefully this will sort out the balance issues. I've found that it only goes a bit **** up if you turn the volume all the way down to the bottom and then turn it up again. The easy solution is to always mute it instead of lowering the volume to zero!

    Hope this helps sort it out - don't send it off to Apple, it's really a simple solution..... assuming your speaker's not bust of course...

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    that's funny
    clever website. it automatically replaced my four letter word beginning in "t" and ending in "its" with four stars. Clever.

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    Arrow Mid 2010 MacBook PRO 15 - Poor Built-In Speaker Flaw
    After a disappointing visit to a Apple store, followed by several hours on the Apple "support" web site, and making a phone call directly to the "Apple Support" 1-800 number, I learn the latest "Mid 2010 MacBook PRO 15" has a design flaw in the built-in speaker layout. The flaw is unknown to the sales staff and the official store's Apple Mac tech person. However, after a lengthy phone call to the 1-800 number, the Apple Care service rep. called me back with news of a online article published by the Apple company on their own web site, stating a flaw in the speaker design and stereo sound output flaw.

    This is unacceptable by most consumer's standards. For around $250.00 USD, a person can buy a PC laptop from Wal-Mart, and get clear beautiful stereo sound from the built-in speakers. So why is it, the Apple company is selling this flawed product? (Made in China.) Send a message to the higher-management of Apple and stop purchasing the current MacBook Pro 15. Wait until the design is fixed and a perfect stereo sound image is easily experienced; a recall would be nice to replace any bad hardwired issue.

    Consumers have a collective power. I just ran an online search in Google looking for this issue and can across this old post. I wonder if this is a repeat design flaw? I have yet to come across a PC laptop with such poor stereo speaker configuration and function.

    ***** Has anyone reverse-engineered the "Mid 2010 MacBook PRO" speakers and sub-woofer? I will be researching this issue, to see if there is a software fix I can create or find. If this is a hard wired issue, I will look into disconnecting the sub-woofer. Does a professional class laptop need a sub-woofer? In my professional computer engineer for 30 years opinion, no, absolutely not.

    Please read: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010): Left and right speaker balance

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    I found a solution!
    I took an 1/8 inch headphone jack, pressed play on some music, and kept pulling the jack in and out of the input. The left speaker popped on with the other speaker!

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    I have exactly the same problem with the left speaker of my MacBook Air. Do you mind telling me how you have solved yours?

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    Red face How I fixed my left speaker not working
    I plugged in my studio headphones into the headphone jack, let music play through both ears of the headphones through itunes, then I gently pulled out the audio jack from the headphone in from my macbook pro and the left speaker started working again. This was done after I checked the audio settings and found nothing wrong. At least I found a fix

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    Angry stereo sound.
    Yes I bought and up graded my mac book pro. From my other that I spent 2000
    I had so much trouble with, The graphics card and all the other glitches, Meant to be under warrantee, spent 500 getting a repair that mac said The had an extended warrantee, Then refused to do the repair, And said take it to a third party. This was the second logic board, and now graphics car, After getting it done, it went wrong again, this time mac repaired it , but again , i got problems, And with the optical drive.
    So I bought this Lion 15in, he other, the Stereo sound was like on my Toshiba , it gave a nice wide, Stereo, sound, that seemed to fill the room.

    This one I could not get that sound, Wish I had gone to the store, as I bought this from the mac store, I could not get the stereo sound and wide sound, that I got from my old MBP. I went to forums and Googled it, found the sliders, and the tick box slider for wide sound, but still could not get that sound, Why?

    mac i discovered has built this with a sub woofer that has taken away the true STEREO . I have asked on Mac forums how to put this right, can i disconnect the sub woofer. WHY WHY? put one in, it does bugger all. I did a sub sound test, its BS.

    So please, Any one know if its ok to unsolder the sun woofer and will this get back the stereo sound? Or will as above, mac recall these and fix the problem. if they are like other good faithful companies. they will do so, Thank you.
    i want to be

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    its amazing how an 8 years old post still helps..thanks a ton guys..cheers!

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    And even *9* years later... I still need to be reminded to check the balance in Audio Settings. I didn't go there because I could have sworn I NEVER had touched anything in that panel.
    Obviously, I HAVE.

    So CHEERS guys for explaining the basics !!!!

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    Internal Speakers Not Working/Only Playing From One Side SOLVED 2016
    Looks like I've made it 10 years. Ridiculous! Haha, someone should really highlight this rare error to Apple! I guess apart from the occasional times that the audio jack fails to detect any type of audio equipment, this can happen too.

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