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    ibook Sound Quality
    What abou quality? I mean sound's ibook G4 933?
    I've only heard powerbook G4 12" and sounds great!!!

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    [Well, I can't speak for the 933, but I have a 1ghz 640mb 14incher. The sound quality without external speakers is pretty much what you would expect for a laptop. Nothing spectacular about it, but it sounds pretty decent. I can say that I just bought the jbl creature speaker system, and WOW. If you aren't doing any serious listening then the built-in speakers are fine, but I highly suggest investing in a good set of speakers or headphones. With them you wouldn't be able to tell you are listening to a laptop instead of a home stereo.

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    I have an ibook g3. The quality of the sound is pretty much the norm for a laptop. Its fine for listening to internet radio or something like that for some background music. I also use my ibook as a portable DVD player. With some movies, it can be a little hard to hear.

    I'm seriously considering picking up a set of external speakers. I was in the Apple Store on Friday and they had the JBL creature speakers hooked up to an ipod. Those have got to be the coolest looking speakers I've ever seen, plus the sound stayed clear and undistorted even at what I thought were pretty high volume. I accidentally turned them up a bit loud... I think I made a couple other customers and even one of the sales staff jump.

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    i just got my 933 and the sound quality is fairly descent, normal for a laptop.. my compaq 715us with jbl pro speakers sounds a great deal better, but i ususually use headphones anyway so it doesnt bother me

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    The sound card is good. Internal speakers are slightly better that what you'd expect from looking at their size. For any serious music/movie experience you'll need external speakers.

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