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Thread: new ibook G4

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    new ibook G4
    Ok i just helped my sister pick out the14inch Ibook 933Mhz yesterday. Cus her old old imac crashed an wouldnt start up. Any way when she had me set it up for her i noticed that the eject key (the key in the upper right corner with the triangle an the line under it didnt work. Now it will beep when you press it so it knows the key is there but it wont eject the cd. Is there a control panel some where that i can enable that key to work or do you thonk we wshould send it in to get a new key board?

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    I have a 12" G4 ibook and found that if you are using an instalion cd and there is a image on the desk-top of a white box you have to put that in the recycle bin and then press the eject key also you have to hold it down for about 3 secs and a eject logo should show on the screen.

    If this dosn't help I sujest u contact Apple.

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    well ive held it down for like 30 seconds nothi ng happend. And now shes saying she couldnt get it to wake from sleep this morning.i geuss well have to take it in monday when i go back to get her internet working.

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    That does not sound right. I am using a 12" iBook G4, and if I ever have the prolem where the disk wont eject its normally that the disk it is being used, or the computer thinks it is, so just reboot and eject as your starting up. Also the screen problem doent sound right, but if it insists I would take it back. If it does it again try tapping the 'Power' key and that should do the trick, (dont hold it down)...

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