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    Help, VGA Splitter For Mac Book Pro
    I recently purchased an Aluratek 4-port VGA Video Splitter so that i can connect duel screens to my Mac Book Pro but i connected the device to the two monitors and connected the cable to my computer but i get a mirrored image on both of the monitors. I dont know if there is a program i can download to fix this or what but right now i am just using the MacBook Pro internal monitor and the one external 17inch dell monitor. I would like to connect the other monitor to the vga splitter and have it pan across which i cant do at the time.

    Help please, i need to put this other monitor to use.

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    Help me

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    The macbook pro can only support a single external monitor. Because VGA is an analog signal, a vga splitter is only multiplying the same signal. To have extended desktop you need it to happen at the hardware level, and the macbook only has support for the attached screen, and one external.
    For the powerbook, there was an external graphics card for the slot on the side of the notebook to allow for multiple monitors, but I don't beleive anyone has made one for the faster slots the Macbook pros use.
    If you absolutely need multiple monitors your best solution is a tower computer like a Mac Pro which can handle many monitors because you can easily add graphics cards.
    You have to remember that the macbook pro is still a laptop, not a workstation. Another solution is a single huge display (up to 30") but that can be pricey.
    Sorry there isnt an easy fix. The macbook pro just isnt capable of having multiple monitors plugged in to it.
    Hope this helps.

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