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    iBook G4 and Memory
    Hey everyone!

    I bought an iBook G4 about a month and a half ago. I just ordered a 512 meg stick from Memory to Go. The computer recognizes the new ram but won't wake from sleep properly. If I go back to the original ram configuration, everything is fine. So, my question is which brand of Ram have you guys been sucessful with when adding to the new G4 ibook?

    Any other ibook memory successes will be appreciated as well.



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    I also purchased ny 512 stick from memory to go. I have the a TI powerbook.. I have been running about three year at 768 mb, and I have not encounter any problems.

    It is possible you may have bad RAM or it could be a firmware problem. I know there was an issue with firmware, where after you install it some manufacturers memory had major problems.

    I did not load the firmware patch on my system. So I don't know if I would have been affected or not.

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    I got an ibook G4 with 640 MB. Got my RAM from Crucial
    Works great, no problems

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    How much of a noticable difference is there with more RAM in the ibook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by citystar2k
    How much of a noticable difference is there with more RAM in the ibook?
    The difference will really depend on they types of programs you are using. If you use memory-hungry applications, you will notice a much bigger improvement than if you use simple programs that aren't taxing your current RAM. For me, the extra $100 or so was worth it, especially since I now know that my iBook is as fast as it can possibly be.

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    when I bought my memory, the store people told me that macs would have some problems with certain memory, they told me to buy corsair, and I've had no problems with it.

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    you're definitely going to want to get the MOST memory you can for your ibook.

    i started off with a 512, and ive noticed WICKED differences with not only system performance, app response, but also startup time let me tell you first had: running 1gb is saaaweeeeeeeeeet

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