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    Probably A Stupid Question
    I just got my ibook and am wondering about the heat of it. Its the 12 inch, i was just wondering if anyone knew, is it going to get to hot if i use it on my bed or on the floor (carpet)? My other laptop had a big fan on the bottom that i couldn't cover, but on this its only on the back and the side, so will i be ok setting it on the bed and carpet? Do these have any overheat shutdown? Thanks in advance


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    they will get warm on your legs but not unbareable. I use my powerbook which is known to be much hotter on my lap and bed all the time with no problem
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    Thanks for the reply, i think i'll probably be ok, just didn't want the thing to catch on fire or something.

    Thanks again,


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    I suggest you place something between the iBook, when yoo place on the bed or carpet. Placing it on the bed or a pillow can easily block the vents and some carpets.

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    I agree with rman, I picked up a cheap lapdesk, with a cushion underneath and a solid surface so there is nothing blocking vents. This way you ensure some good airflow. I always use my laptop at night before bed, so you can just put it on that and not have to worry. The wife reads a book and I surf the net :-)

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