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    Jerky trackpad + other minor issues

    Ive had my C2D MBP for 2 days now, and there is one very annoying thing I have noticed. The trackpad seems very jerky esspecally when I raise my finger to click on something.
    Is there any way I can reduce the sensitivity of it somehow? Its getting a little annoying. I will reduce the speed and see if thats any better.

    Also, my screen doesnt quite sit flush against the laptop when its closed, but I believe this is a known issue with all of them.

    Anyother thing is that there is one stuck pixel on the screen, but im not hugely bothered about this as I cant even see it really.

    For all of these issues, do you think I should get a replacement? Also, the eject key doesnt seem as flush to the rest of the keys, and it seems a little bent.

    Apart from that everything is great.
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    take it into an apple store. You paid so much for this notebook, why deal with these problems? Usually apple replaces something if you've brought the item in 3 times and the issue or issues are still there, or other issues arrise from the repair.

    Trackpad issue: make sure your hands aren't sweaty, have lotion, or oil. make sure nothing else is touching the trackpad... wrist, another finger, jewelry, etc... ? that's all it says on apple.

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