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    Oct 03, 2006
    Thumbs down Multiple Issues with my Brand new MBP
    I just bought the core duo 2.13 when the new CORE 2 DUO came
    I swapped it out for the bigger badder machine. (after a lil bit of hassle)

    I feel like my original core duo was better. it ran overall smoother, and made its owner quite happy, as opposed to my new CORE 2 Duo 2.33.

    first. the fans are wacky. one of the first few days...i was doing some med-hvy duty work, and the fans came on...and they escalated...slowly...but getting getting louder and louder as the rpms kept climbing....i ran smc fan control to see the rpms..and they were going 5500 to 6k! I just shut it down. Now they come on when im working in the med to hvy area, and they dont slow down when im done...they just stay at a loud and noticiable rpm. Anyone else experience this?

    I am running smc fancontrol sometimes..but mostly i dont use it, b/c the new core 2 does run cooler at light to medium duty stuff than the core duo.

    the other installation of some programs. i think its something related to java, and or quicktime but when i dbl click on instalation icon from a dmg for example it shows the double click by the icon flying at you, but thats it. nothing. this is not ALL progs i have installed..but a good few..a few that i need...

    am i alone with any of these experiences?

    I love os x and my mac...this is my first mac after a life of **** in pc...and even with these issues im not turning back.:spook:

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    i also switched my core duo for a core 2 duo. i have had it for about a week and i only had the core duo for 3 days. with my core duo i imediatly noticed that it got real hot. i have done all the same things with my core 2 duo and havent noticed a heat issue yet and i have spent more time on it so i havent even bothered to instal fan control on the core 2.

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    Sep 29, 2006
    I have had multiple issues with my new MBP C2D also. Almost makes me just want my CD back. I had no issues with it except for it getting a little hot which everyone had. Guess its what I get for wanting them to let me switch from CD to C2D. Just go read my thread a few down titled MBP sound. I have been talking with specialists the past few days and they are sending me a new one. I also experienced the fan problem once like the first day I got it but none since then.
    MBP 15"
    2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM
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    Oct 03, 2006
    those issues in the sound thread do suck. i can really feel your pain man..
    i want my stuff to work right...all the time..with my CD it did. and with my C2D it does for the most part..but thats just it..for the most part.i know there are things that dont..and it makes me wanna just sit here with her until i get it right...which could take hours!

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    Oct 11, 2004
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    I swapped my CD for a C2D but I have experienced nothing but positives. On every aspect my C2D is far FAR better than my CD (Noise issue, heat issue, speed... everything is better).

    Perhaps you have defective units? It really is too bad. I hope it works out for you.

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    Oct 02, 2005
    i have had fan issues as well except that my fans only gets cranked up if i'm NOT doing something intensive. it normally dies down after 2-3 minutes or i reboot.

    i've noticed that this isn't tied to the CPU heating up (mine operates within normal or even cooler than normal temperatures and this still happens), happens when it's doing relatively simple tasks like browsing the net and not so much on processor intensive tasks (at least in my case)

    maybe it's a firmware issue? either that or the fan control programs they stuck in the new MBP's are really buggy...

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    I just received my new MBP c2d today, its my first real mac, but ive played with osx86 before.

    I too am not too impressed to be honest, i reluctantly spent a lot more on getting a mac than i would for a pc lappy of the same spec yet there are a number of problems.

    Mine also had the fans ramp up to max until i rebooted, sure its ok now but seems a little weird, i was just browsing, nothing cpu intensive.

    My other main annoyance is the wifi.

    The signal often seems to jump from full>nothing. My acer lappy in the same room has no problems, no matter what position in the room.

    The transfer speed across wifi even with full signal is abysmally slow on this MBP, copying a 30mb file from my NAS took six minutes, copying the same file on the Acer lappy next to it took about 10 seconds.

    Browsing the internet seems fine with no lag

    One of the speakers seems to have a slight crackle to it as well, it's not on full volume.

    Itunes, slow to load, extremely slow to load/play a song. Im temped to get parallells and install XP just for Winamp.

    Finder seems to keep crashing and force quit/relaunch does not work, i have to reboot to browse again.

    Firefox 2.0 does not close properly and says its still running when you alt-tab but no window comes up.

    Not impressed for a £1700 laptop.

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    Oct 03, 2006
    Well, as an update, I reinstalled os x (keeping my user settings etc) and it fixed my java problem that was preventing me from opening and installing lots of things. this was a big relief. the fans have been ok so far...still a bit leary..

    and i found 2 dead pixels on my screen! ****!!!!!!!!!!! well other than ok ...

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    Nov 09, 2006
    MBP C2D 2.33GHz - Glossy, Baby.
    The same thing is happening to me. Within five minutes of turning the machine on, the fans have climbed to 6000rpm. The temperature is only at 38 degrees Celsius, and all I'm running is Firefox and the smcFanControl, so I can keep an eye on the speeds.

    I called Apple Support this morning, and was told I'd have to bring it into the Apple Store, 75 minutes from here.

    I've found at least six separate posts on this issue on various Mac boards, so it's not just you and me.

    At what point will Apple acknowledge this as a known issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cRuNcHiE View Post

    Firefox 2.0 does not close properly and says its still running when you alt-tab but no window comes up.

    Not impressed for a 1700 laptop.

    How are you closing Firefix? Are you quiting it (Apple & Q) or just clicking the x? When you click the X it hides the screen but doesn't close it. When you alt tab it will be there and when you select it the menu bar at the top of the screen will change to Firefox.


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    Im using Apple+Q, even using Force quit would not work, finder would also crash.

    It seems to have settled down now so maybe it was some random initial problem?

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