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Thread: I dropped my iBook G4 this morning!!!

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    I dropped my iBook G4 this morning!!!
    Anyone dropped thier iBook before? I just did this morning. It was on my bed and I accidently knocked it off.

    For a moment I panicked, I tried powering it up but it just wouldn't power up. I heard funny noises, the HDD made some noises. I thought it was dead for good and that is when all of a sudden it powered up. I was pretty relieved but still abit concerned as to whether anything had gone wrong.

    I tried rebooting it again and the same problem happened. That is when I got scared that it will die. But just as I were to hit the panic button, again it powered up. I guess the shock resistant claim from Apple lived up to it's name or is it not? I am not sure though. Any advise?

    For now it is normal. But I am afraid that something had gone wrong. What do you all think? Will this cause any problem? Anyone of you dropped your iBook before?

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    If the unit was running, you may have caused damage to the hard disk. If the system is taking a long time to power up, you should reseat the ram and airport (if installed). Mac startup is delayed by POST until the ram clears its check.

    That's why more RAM = longer startup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganz
    Anyone dropped thier iBook before? I just did this morning. It was on my bed and I accidently knocked it off.
    It might seem obvious advice, but I recommend you back everything up as a matter of urgency - just in case.


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    check this out
    Hey check out the video hoghlight on thislink in the middle of the clip they talk about what the iBook can with stand. And yes you can take a gun to it its made from bullet proof plastic.

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    Stupid me
    opps in my haste i forgot the link here it is:,00.html

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    Also this is what apple says
    Space-age construction
    The deceptively smooth and well-rounded iBook is surprisingly rugged. It was designed with durability in mind, using ultratough polycarbonate plastic the same material used in bulletproof glass with an internal magnesium frame for added strength. The hard disk drive is rubber-mounted for impact resistance. And there are no doors or protruding elements that can accidentally get triggered, break off or snag on clothing.

    Now still if your getting problems from it i would take it in.

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