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    Question ibook goes right back to sleep
    My 12" G3 ibook seems to have developed an odd quirk over the weekend. Whenever I wake it up out of sleep, it wakes up for a second or two and then goes right back to sleep. It wakes up again when I tap any key.

    Also, I've noticed that the max battery life seems to be going down. It never gets to 100%. In fact, once it looked like it maxed out at 94% The light on the power cable was green - which I guess indicates the battery is charged and also the % never went any higher.

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    Ideas anyone? The old standby Windows solution of rebooting?

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    i had the exact same problem. a full shutdown solved the problem for me.

    as for the battery,what i did was turn off the ibook, and allow the battery to charge ( green plug light). then i unplugged the power, turned on the ibook and used it until the battery drained and i couldn't wake it back up. then pluged it back in, turned it on, and the battery charged up to 99%. i have never seen it go to 100%.

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