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    Switching Logicboard in iBook (upgrade by swapping)
    I have an iBook original. And before you roll your eyes at me, let me tell you how I love it. I take it everywhere, I surf wireless networks wherever I go, and I use it as a work/entertainment machine.

    When I purchased it off of eBay a while back, I paid $400 for it. Although it was incorrectly advertised as a 366 (and it was really a 300) I have still given it the love and respect it deserves.

    Now onto the question ...

    From what I understand, no other motherboard would fit natively into this model. The iBook SE has a firewire port where there is no hole on this model. I have heard that you can get yourself a dremel tool, and correct that problem by creating yourself a hole. Although, I can't find anyone who has actually DONE it. Can anyone confirm that this would work? I have been waiting for a deal to surface on eBay, but I have cold feet.

    Ideally, I would like to put something much greater into this iBook. Perhaps something along the lines of a 466. I know for a fact, that a 466 motherboard will not ever fit into an iBook model one. But ... would it be possible to use the same display from my iBook, and attach it to the bottom of a 466? In other words, if I got a 466 with a damaged screen (or no upper half at all), would these two go together?

    Again, I am looking for real answers here. :-) "That might work", or "you can try that" are words I have heard before. Has anyone been successful in such an operation? I appreciate any responses I might get!


    -Ray Haque
    ray AT

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    original iBook
    No I have not done a swap like you are talking about..... just a couple comments is all I can offer....

    The original iBook was 300mhz. Mine is a Graphite SE which is 366mhz and again is still classed as series one, I do NOT have a firewire port on mine. As far as I know the only changes were the clock speed and a larger hard drive (6gig) instead of the original 3gig. I do not know of any other differences. Series one was only available in Blueberry or Tangerine (300mhz) and Graphite (366mhz). They were introduced in July 99 and and discontinued in Sept 2000.

    Then there was the second series which were 366mhz or 466mhz. Introduced Sept 2000 and discontinued May of 2001. They included a 10gig hard drive and a 8meg video (vs series 1's 4meg) and firewire. The 366mhz were available in Indigo or Key Lime, the 466mhz was again the Graphite SE. All series 2 also included firewire. The Graphite SE was also released with a dvd drive.

    Physically the case appears to be identical in size and shape so I don't see any reason that the motherboard from a 366 or 466 would not fit in a series one case, outside of the hole for the firewire. But the other ports may have been shifted to make room for the firewire.

    The sreen is the same max resolution so that should not be an issue.

    Parts prices are still pretty high to piece one together, so it might be cheaper to buy one that is complete!


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    Quote Originally Posted by lzasitko
    No I have not done a swap like you are talking about..... just a couple comments is all I can offer....
    Larry, thanks for your advice. And for setting me straight on early iBook history. Hope you love your iBook as much as I love mine. ;-)

    The parts are agreeably pricey. I'm not sure I'm in it soley to save money. I am finding that the later rectangular breed of iBook produces more eBay parts, and for the speed they are a better a value. But I am a real sucker for a clamshell. I think my 'dream laptop' is the very best (466) clamshell money can buy.

    My wife and I went up to our local Apple store (we are blessed to have one) and we drooled over all the lovely new models. But I had to agree with her. She said "I think yours has more style ... the new ones are all colorless and they all look the same".


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    Clamshell vs newer iBooks
    I really like my Clamshell iBook and don't think I will be selling it any time soon. The Clamshell as a unique and great design which Apple is known for and I agree that I find most laptops tend to look the same. Apple tries to stay in front on style and that is great but I and a lot like yourself like the somewhat unorthodox style. I like the white iBook and with the logo that glows is a real eye catcher and the pwerbooks also look good and what can be better then a cube or g5. Style is what I like and most Apple computers have style where most PC's are just a box.

    I to am looking for a 466 Clamshell but you right in that they are pretty rare.....


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