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Thread: Battery health?

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    Battery health?
    Hello, I'm concerned about the health of my battery after only about a month and a half of use. I use Istat pro and it has a section for the battery, under which it says my battery health is at 98%. My computer will only charge the battery to 98% and will not get a full charge. I calibrated my battery when the computer was new, and I use the AC whenever possible, but I am a college student and I use it a lot at school without being able to plug it in. Is this harming my battery? Is there any way to restore the battery to 100%? I mean, at this rate my battery will be dead before I know it!

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    By 98%, I assume you mean 98% of its original capacity. This is normal and fine, and it shouldn't get any lower. It's not going to continue to lose capacity at the same rate, but it's normal for it to lose a bit during the 'bedding in' period.

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