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    Question iBook G4 black flashing screen?
    My girlfriend's iBook (1.2GHz G4 from summer 2004) randomly started flashing from a black screen to her regular screen. This went on for about 30 seconds, rapidly going from black to normal, until she moved the mouse. She was not at the computer when it started and had not recently done anything on it. This is the first time she's seen it do anything like this. I'm wondering if this might be a possible symptom of a logic board failure? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
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    This has been happening to me too. I got a brand new MacBook from my high school back in August and about a week into September it was flickering just as you described. As if it was having trouble going to sleep. Now it slightly flickers even when the computer is in use sometimes. (like right now for instance)

    Since it's not my computer (the school has loaned one to every student) I'm not entirely sure what to do. My friend had the computer-to-moniter feed on his breakdown and reported it to the school tech guys and they took it and he has been stuck with an old ibook for a good month now. So I'm debating just taking it to a mac store to prevent that. But if someone has a quick fix to this, I'd love to hear it.

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