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Thread: Merom vs Yonah heat issues for MBP

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    Merom vs Yonah heat issues for MBP
    I have read that the Merom chips actually run hotter than the current Yonah chips. If this is the case, then the C2D MBP that we are all waiting for will only have more heat issues than the current MBPs. Any thoughts on this??

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    Merom fits into the thermal envelope of Yonah henceforth the new Core 2 Duo will NOT run any hotter than the Core Duo does. Anyone that states otherwise is simply lying to you. By the way, who said that??

    When you cram all that power into an ultrathin ultralight laptop you're going to get heat. The only way around this is to use clocked down low-voltage mobile chips, which are going to run at 1.0-1.2GHz. In my opinion it's worth the extra heat for the much greater performance of say a 2.0GHz chip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skero
    If this is the case, then the C2D MBP that we are all waiting for will only have more heat issues than the current MBPs. Any thoughts on this??
    My thoughts?
    People should stop waiting for the "next big thing" and realize that whenever the "next big thing" does finally come, the next "bigger thing" will be just around the corner. And when that "bigger thing" is eminent there will be even more speculation and concern about it compared to its predecessor. The longer people wait, the more technology advances. The more technology advances, the more likely it is for 'issues' to arise.
    In other words, if and when the MacBook Pros do get a Core 2 Duo chip then the Core 3 Duo won't be far off... then the Core 4 Duo, then the Core 2 Quad, the Core 8 Dodecahedron... etc. Each new release will have people raising concerns about it.
    It is, in my opinion, simply futile to continually wait, worry and speculate about something that has yet to happen.

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    DB, agreed 1000%.

    To the OP, I have heard the Core 2 with it's smaller Die is cooler than the Core.

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    Here is the article that prompted me to ask this question:

    It seems as if the macbook pros have more problems than the macbooks and definitely more than the imacs. Are all the common issues with the MBP due to overheating or are some of them MBP issues which are not necesarily temperature-related? I do not mean to start a "wait for merom" thread but I am concerned about all the problems MBP users are facing and am concerned that if overheating is the cause, then the new processor might make it even worse given the points stated in the aforementioned article.

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    Read all the comments to that article and especially toward the bottom of the comments. Time will tell.

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    i have both a MB and MBP, and my macbook has had lots more problems

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    i almost want to buy a MBP just so i know what people are talking about when they complain about heat issues and then tell them to shut up about it all....

    i agree with DB about what he said.

    my own opinion. yes the new chips may run hotter or whatever but do you think that apple is just going to slap them in and say "Here make an omlet on this one!" or do you think they are going to do some tweaks to either the CPU or the computer itself in order to help control the heat
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