Please help and give some input here. I don't know whether if it's because of the recent MacOs upgrade (10.4.8) that this problem is occuring. I've gotta 1.5Ghz Powerbook G4 and recently when I hook something up to the USB ports/Firewire, it doesn't show up on my finder. Now I went to the system profiler, and checked the USB/Firewire there...and it's there, but it just doesn't show up on the finder. When I hook up my ipod via USB, it doesn't show up on finder or itunes. What I have to do to resolve the problem is restart and after that's done, it comes up on the finder. Before, I would be able to just hook it up and it comes up after a few seconds. Anyone else have this same problem? How did you resolve it? Also, one more thing, I can't mount .dmg files. Please advise. neye: