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    built-in iSight vs. external iSight
    I just got a new Macbook a few weeks ago and I am unimpressed with the quality of the built-in iSight. I find that that images it portrays are grainy although you can see the images without being "choppy". I had an external iSight for my mac mini and I loved it. It was absolutely fabulous and the picture quality was always crystal clear without any graininess.

    Has anyone else noticed the quality difference or am I simply being too picky?

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    Mines grainy too but to be fair the camera is very small to that of the external iSight.
    Plus the iSight uses a 1/4" CCD! I very much doubt the MacBooks is that size.

    Good light levels stop the grain effect but I understand your point as oon as light levels differ from that of bright then the grains do appear.
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