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Thread: 10.4.8 problems...

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    10.4.8 problems...
    I posted this in the OSX board but its not generating good responses...

    so after updating to 10.4.8 ive been getting a screen telling me to restart. this happens every stingle time i bring the computer out of sleep mode. I repaired permissions, and then also downloaded the 10.4.8 combo intel update as well. Neither of these have managed to resolve my problem. Additionally, every single application I launch "quits unexpectedly" once before I can get it to open. This obviously very frustrating, adn I am pretty new to the mac community, so I am a bit confused and concerned. Any sound advice is appreciated


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    Did you upgrade the system?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NikBhat
    I posted this in the OSX board but its not generating good responses...
    This is a software issue so you were correct to place it in the OS X forum.
    This is not a hardware issue and doesn't belong here.
    Cross-posting it here will not change the advice given or make responses "better".
    Thread closed.
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