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Thread: Ethernet uses?

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    Ethernet uses?
    Just acquired a PB G4 12". The side sockets are stuffed with external things, all except the Ethernet. I have a wifi connection to a network so is there anything else useful for this socket to do? (eg, could I use it to run one of those TV thingies from Elgato?) Thanks - TONY

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    Not really, no.

    But you could buy a USB or firewire hub and hook up a tv tuner if you wanted to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich
    Not really, no.

    But you could buy a USB or firewire hub and hook up a tv tuner if you wanted to
    I really wish there were at least ONE competitively priced TV tuner for Macs. Elgato is currently the only realistic choice, so they inflate their prices. It's a shame when you can get a PC tuner card for half the price of the cheapest Mac one.

    Anyway, to answer the original question, ethernet only has one use other than connecting to the Internet, and that is directly connecting to another computer for a two-computer network. Given that you're on wireless, though, you probably have the network sharing thing covered.

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