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    Busted display, backlight issue?

    I have a hardware problem that you might be able to help with. My good lady has dropped her 12" iBook for the second, and possibly last, time and has a serious problem with the display. The screen is now extremely dim, but you can just (just) about see the desktop. This quickly fades away to black and can't be revived. I think she might have blown the screen's backlight, which I think is fairly prohibitive to fix here in the UK.

    However, after zapping the PRAM, NVRAM and holding down 't' on start-up (to reset the LCD settings?), the screen comes on as normal, only to fade to black after five seconds. So, does this sound like a terminal problem, or does the fact that the screen briefly works fine at full brightness mean the problem can be solved? Maybe a connection issue? Or something else?

    Thanks, in advance, for any light you can shed on this matter

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    i dont have no mac's
    yea that does sound like either a backlight issue or a lcd psu issue

    i know has them for a decent price
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    i dont remember

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