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    How to make an exact copy of my HDD
    how can i make a complete copy of my HDD so when i put my new one in i can get it back to EXACTLY what it was before i put the new drive in? do i just use this. If so how do i do it. and i will be copying it to an external HDD via USB 2.0. Then once i have a copy how to i get it back on my HDD once its installed in my laptop? Should i just pay the 90 dollars to get it all done for me? (incld install of the drive)
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    I found Superduper! easier to use, and it's free for the functionality you would need.

    The installation is fairly straightforward in the macbook, DIY!

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    IIRC, I used the Disk Utility function to copy my HDD to a Firewire HDD. I have a bent bottom casing on my PB 12". Found one for $35 on Ebay and bought a 100 gig 7200RPM drive to replace the one in there. Taking her to get fixed once the bottom casing arrives.
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