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    Battery not detected?
    Hi guys,

    I've got a macbook that's about a couple months old. Love it so far but recently I've run into a problem with the battery.

    My macbook doesn't seem to detect the battery's power level. It shows an empty battery with an 'x' in the battery status icon.

    I know that the battery is still working. When I plug it into an AC adapter, the macbook works fine and when i yank out the power cable the macbook continues to function.

    I can't start up my macbook without a power cable tho, i guess it thinks that there isn't a battery present.

    I've tried resetting the PMU, doesn't seem to help. When i disconnect the battery from the macbook and press the button, the bar shows 1 or 2 lights out of 4.

    has anyone every had such a problem? Thanks for reading this guys. Cheers!

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    What you described is the exact same problem that I'm having with mine. I've got the 'x' battery icon as well and I can't run the Macbook without the AC Adapter. I'm thinking of taking it in to the Genius bar. The only thing I'm wondering about is, is the battery covered under AppleCare? Cus it's not like I've purposely destroyed the battery, I'm using it under normal use.

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    I think both of you need to bring your MB into an Apple authorized repair centre to have it checked out.

    My MB had a bad battery and I got it replaced.

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    i had this on my iBook - took it to apple who reset it - same problem, turned out to be the main board - over £400 fix as at the time my iBook was out of cover

    still at least you have warrenty!

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    Ah, this is bad news but I have the same problem...I guess I'll be visiting my nearest Apple store soon.

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    Hi Guys, well i have same problem and my mac is only about 4 months old, its very annoying cuz i know that my battery isnt broken or anything, my boyfriend had the same problem for about 1,5 months but after it just started working again out of blue, i am really  off cuz i keep on loosing files and documents, but as i am living in the end of the world its very difficult for me to find a place where they can fix it, especially i am in a F***ing wheelchair and its really really complicated for me to go wonder around looking for a help, i really think apple should fix dis....dont understand why do i have to be paying with my nerves for their mistakes??? anyway if anyone knows the indoors solution for this please post it. thnx

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