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    Macbook wont wake up
    Jus got macbook last few days.
    it went well for a start. But now it wont boot up/start.
    when the start button pressed the sleep light will turn on with out stays that way.

    i have tried all the other start short cuts key.still no response.

    Any other ideas.? OR does anyone have this problems??

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    The blinking light indicates bad RAM.

    Take out the RAM, ensure that it is snug in it's slot, and try restarting.
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    I have just had a similar problem.

    My MacBook would not wakeup after I had left it for the battery to re-charge.

    I took the battery out for a few minutes, put it back in, and it booted up fine.

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