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Thread: Hard Drive Upgrade... External ? or Internal ?

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    Hard Drive Upgrade... External ? or Internal ?
    So guys, I bought my mac book for officially a week now. yay. but i already filled in about 40 GB of my 60 GB Hard Drive. What would be cheaper? to upgrade the internal hard drive or just get a external hard drive... if you spot any sales can u care to link. thanks appreciate it guys.

    btw... i love mac now xD

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    Depends what you're filling it up with. I got an external for all my music, photos, vids etc. However I'm using a desktop so it's not quite the same as you but if you don't need access to everything all of the time then an external is likely to be cheaper. My primary hard drive is only half full.

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    I have a 300gig HD that I store large movie projects and raw video footage on, I also back up my photos and files on it. I have an 80gig HD in my MacBook, which I attempt to keep mostly free for wahtever I encounter when its with me. Get an external to keep at home with stuff you dont need to take with you. You will get much more space for a cheaper price.

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    Another vote for an external.
    Cheaper, easier than installing an internal, and you get lots more storage space.
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    I went for a 300Gb Seagate external with USB2 and Firewire for ~ 90.00 + Vat.

    I am waiting for the 100Gb internal ones to drop in price - 60Gb are now ~ 30.00.

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    I'd get an external now, if you use your macbook at your desk most of the time.

    The internal drive is easy to install in a macbook as well, but you get less GB per $.
    Plus the largest 2,5" drives are currently around 160GB and are really expensive. 120 is more affordable but won't last you that long either.

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    ive got a 250Gig and 80gig externals on my imac. i store most of my big stuff on it though... i did however purchase a 60gig laptop external HD that is powered via USB for my macbook if im working something on the road. it only cost me about 90 bucks and has come in very handy! i would recommend something like that to take with you, and would avoid cramming your macbook's HD with things like music and pictures.

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    i had the exact same problem when i got my macbook. i went with internal and im glad for doing it. 3.5" externals are the only affordable ones and i wouldnt want to lug around an external drive whenever i wanted to take my laptop on vacation or business. heres a link to the sata 2.5" internal notebook drives at that are 80gb and larger. i didnt buy mine from there, i got my 120gb at b/c it was a western digital drive (idk i figured since they specialize in hard drives it be better). plus, with the new internal drive, i can turn my old 60gb into an external drive thats compact. so my final word is go internal :headphone

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