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Thread: Titanium PB repair tips needed

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    Titanium PB repair tips needed
    I'm trying to fix my friend's Titanium PB. One of the hinges broke, as is common with these, but along with the hinge about six of the approx. 20 tiny metallic blue wires that run through it were severed, rendering a splice-up impossible.

    I found a tutorial that shows the same wire setup but in different colors:

    here's the part:

    He refers to it as the video connector. I'm not sure if it detaches at the end inside the display, and if a new one can be purchased.

    Anybody have any tips? I'm not sure exactly what this part is called or where I could get one. The hinge is another story, and it seems a tad pricey.

    Any input would rock! :girl:

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    Your links don't work when clicked. Are you logged into that site or something?

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    correct, links are not working for me as well.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the links & edited my post. Any ideas? thanx!

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    Those are the best guides I have ever found on taking PowerBook and iBook laptops apart. They also have tons of spare parts, but can be a little pricey on some stuff. It's well worth a look-see.
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