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    Macbook Pro help please! Re: Wireless internet problem
    So up until recently my wireless internet was working like a charm.
    Then tonight it just died..
    Here's my problem

    My airport reads full bars and is stating that I am connected to the internet. I'm connected thru an open network however when I launch my internet browser, it does not find any sites I am looking for. It doesn't read that I am connected to the internet. My itunes store does not work either however when running a diagnostics test, it says I am connected ( as doesmy airports full meter bars).

    I'm at a loss and do not know what to do. Its as if my programs and airport aren't synchin up. Any clues on how to fix this problem ?

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    it seems like a problem with your internet connection, and not with your computer. try unplugging both the cable/dsl (whatever you have) modem, and your wireless router, and the plugging them both back in. This will effectively reset your connection, and you should be back in business.

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    The bars that you see on the airport icon only tell that you are fully connected to the router or the base station. That doesn't mean that you are onnected to the Internet. You may have a problem with the router and the cable service or ISP. I hope everything will be ok for you. :-)

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    Forgive me for being a complete mac retard but I'm new to this world....

    This macbook was a gift and came with nothing more then the system & charger.

    As far as restarting the router goes? I have no clue what that means. I was online via the free wireless (tmobile hotspot service) at starbucks. I don't know what base stations are nor anything of that sort.

    Basically I was online one minute, lucked out the next (while my aiport still read full signal). Do I need to buy the airport base now & is this something that's self fixable or should I take it to a genius...?

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    The starbucks internet is a pay for a certain amount of time service. It sounds like your time just ran out.
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    No no because I have a monthly subscription. Can't be that..

    Even if my time were to run out, I would still be able to access the starbucks/tmobile home page to re-subscribe

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    As was already stated, there is no problem with your computer. If the AirPort card can read a signal then it is working.
    If you get a signal and cannot browse, then it is a problem with the service provider.
    Things you could do to possibly remedy this:

    1. Simply reboot your computer.
    2. Turn your AirPort card off in your Network preferences for at least one minute, then turn it back on.
    3. Make sure your Network location is set to "Automatic".
    4. Contact the support department or helpdesk for whomever is providing the internet signal.
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    Rise...I'm having the exact same problem. I'm hoping that whoever can answer your issue can help me. I've read D3v1L80Y's responses and have tried this over and over and over myself for the past few weeks, but this rarely works.

    Here's my sitch...

    Wife's MacBook is fully connected to network, but not the internet.

    My MacBook Pro is where I'm e-mailing this from, so I've obviously got a connection to the internet.

    Our house-mate has a PC laptop that connects fine as well.

    We've taken the MacBook in for service and everything is fine with the computer.

    We always make sure in the settings that we're using DHCP.

    What's up??

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