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Thread: Wanted to say Hello and HELP!!

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    Wanted to say Hello and HELP!!
    first i would just likke to say hi, i am new to the forums, and am new to a mac, and by new i mean i got my first one 3 hours ago. I had a 3 week old dell as of yesterday but when it had problems for the 3 time in as many weeks and the support for my extended warranty was poor, i figured reliability and customer service (whihc i have experineced with my ipod) takes precedence over familiarity

    i picked up a macbook, and im enjoying it. but i have to admit that i am a lost soul.
    i downloaded tomato torrents but every torrent i downlad refuses to begin, i get an error message or i am denied from host, are there special mac torrents and pc torrents? i was trying torrentspy by the way.

    Anoher thing is, is there a way to not get everythign i upload into the cpmputer or download to sit on my desktop as a new icon without deleting it, llike can it go automatically to my HD, somehow? anyways back to exploring the facets of my new machine, nice to be here.

    oh and one more thing about tomato torrents, how do i pause/stop/start a torrent, there appears to be no interactive buttons outside of closing the window, and showmore/show less, sorry for all the Q's

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    Welcome caloge!

    Don't know about Torrent thingies cos I'm useless with them...but with downloads, you can specify where to save a download..desktop/HD etc. Also you can set Safari (presuming you are using it) to open the completed download in the Preferences.

    Don't know about uploaded stuff though.

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