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Thread: LOL - The Powerbook G4 Memorial

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    Sep 09, 2006
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    LOL - The Powerbook G4 Memorial
    Check out this page dedicated to a man's dearly departed, Powerbook G4.

    Powerbook G4 Memorial

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    Oct 27, 2005
    Thanks for sharing this DeNNNiTh...I've been wanting to get an older Mac laptop and have decided I now have to get myself a PowerBookG4!

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    Wow man, I am really happy to see someone so in love with their mac!

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    If only my boyfriend loved me as much!

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    Wow! Apple makes strong laptops! Talk about investments!

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    I'll vouch for that. I have a 3 year old Powerbook. It has been literally half way around the world and back with me and traveled to many on location recording gigs, not to mention a couple years of school, vacations, etc. and it still is rockin' Dropped 3 times and the only thing wrong is a little tweak in the aluminum case on the right side. I see this computer lasting me at least another two to three years in some form or fashion. When people ask me the difference between Macs and PC's at work....I just tell them longevity. A mac will ALWAYS outlast it's PC counterpart both in relevance and ruggedness.

    Howie J

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    I have an old Powerbook 540c with the 117 Mhz Power PC upgrade CPU. Still works like new. It's 1994 and been through a lot.

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