Hi~ Members...just found out about this wonderful forum.

I'm formally a Thinkpad user but got convinced by my friend and now tyring to convert to Mac.

Target laptop: Macbook Pro - 2.16Ghz Model...Maxing out...so I won't regret my purchase for a while.

My question is, Is it ok to purchase from an On-line vendor, such as Euclid? They have the lowest price on the 2.16Ghz (Although they have it as a 2.0 I called and confirmed that it's a 2.16). So I'm tempted to get it from them.

In case I draw a bad laptop, can I still take it to the apple store and get it replaced for whatever reason, such as few dead pixels, getting toooooo hot, or weird noise, etc?

I called my local Austin apple store and heard that although I get it from eBay, I can still replace it if it is within 2 weeks (not sure if it is within 2 weeks of original purchase) and I have all the contents.

Will I be able to get the full service although I buy it from an on-line vendor or should I play it safe and pay tax at the Apple store?

Best wishes,