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Thread: Overworking Macbook

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    Overworking Macbook
    Heres the deal. I got my macbook the 2nd of August and have loved it since then. The problem I've been having in the past couple of days is the fact that the cpu is way over working. The monitors show that it is at usually around 75%, no matter how little I'm working on. This creates many problems because it drains the battery faster, heats up faster which kicks the fan on, which is annoying to having run constantly, and that also drains my battery faster to. Its only started to do this in the past couple weeks. The only thing major, would be that I installed vista through bootcamp, and removed it today. ANybody got an idea.

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    best way to see what is using up all that cpu time is to open activitiy monitor and see excatly what is taking it up. from there let us know what it is.
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    thats the weird part, i checked it out and it says the user is using 48% of the cpu process, but it only list micorosoft, firefox and word which totals to only 10%. Where is the rest of that being used? I checked the system and there is not much in there that would cause it to run so much.

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    Make sure you click the '% CPU' column to sort by CPU usage. The activity monitor uses process CPU usage to calculate the total, and the machine is obviously working hard, so something must be doing it.

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    i printed my screenshot, here it is . Tell me what Im missing, as I can't see what is taking up so much of the CPU

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    The matter is resolved. I updated to 10.4.8 and it fixed the promblem. THe cpu is running normal now.

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