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    Does third-party RAM work in Macbook?
    I am a PC person and am considering switching to mac. On my pc laptops I was able to unscrew the bottom panel and put in RAM. Can I do the same thing with a mac? Will third party RAM like this
    work in the macbook (the one that they are now selling on Will a macbook (not pro) go up to 2gb? This Mac noobie thanks you for your help!

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    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) yes

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    1) Thanks
    2) Thanks
    3) Thanks

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    I have a buddy named SEARCH that can answer this question and many others ,

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    Hmmm. I see your point. However, that would be too easy.

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    i think there are mixed opinions about which ram is compatible but yes, 3rd party does work.

    i installed 2x 1gb adata sticks the other day. at first it didn't work (not booting, or randomly turning off while running os x) so i googled and found some had problems, others found it worked fine. in the end it works just fine, but after i reseated the ram about 4 times. so the not working was probably down to my fear of crushing the ram into the slot and not pushing it in far enough.

    i wouldn't draw any conclusions from this, other than do try a reseat if it doesn't work at first.
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    ram is ram is long as it is the correct size and specs any ram will work. although you should always purchase ram with a lifetime warantee

    if it doesnt work it it is the wrong type, is bad, or is installed incorrectly
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