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Thread: SIMPLE QUESTION: How to change sleep settings

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    SIMPLE QUESTION: How to change sleep settings
    I have a Powerbook G4 and I want to switch the sleep settings so I can download when I close the screen and carry it around from class to class. I need to stop it from sleeping when I close the screen, so I can take advantage of the schools highspeed wireless connection even more by downloading while I am sitting in class. Where do I go to switch this? I looked around in the settings and couldn't find anything.


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    Check this thread...

    And USER beware, I don't care if Apple says it is okay and has instructions on how to do it, it doesn't mean it is good for your computer just because they say so.

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    Another thread...

    It's like cigarettes, I will try to persuade you against it but I don't have the power to stop you.

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    What does it do to your computer???

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    Quote Originally Posted by treillw
    What does it do to your computer???
    It may very well overheat your computer.

    [mini-lecutre] Also, and nobody here can stop you, I highly doubt your school's wireless network needs people hogging bandwidth by downloading all day long.
    I can't see where anything would be that important that a download needs to be continued non-stop while you are in class or even between classes.
    It can most certainly wait until after classes are done for the day.

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