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    Screen brightness settings
    Ok, so I know that if I hit F1 and F2 keys on my MBP it controls the settings for my screen brightness. What I have noticed over the past couple of nights though, It will be set on the 3rd or 4th bar. I usually keep it at the first bar (lowest setting) since I'm usually running off of the battery. Does anyone know why it would change itself? I didn't know if dim lighting had to do with any of it, becuase my room is very dark from time-to-time.

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    i know that osx messes with the brightness setting from time to time due to poweroffs, energy settings etc...

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    So like the setting could be reset just from going to sleep or something like that?

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    it changes if it's unplugged.
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    Not just that, the screen does react to changing lighting conditions (if it gets darker the screen brightness decreases, the system also turns keyboard light on and off).
    I think you can disable this feature...

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