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    OCZ memory for my mac
    I have been so pleased with my macbook, that I now want it to replace my windows desktop. In order to do that, I need more memory for my macbook. Atm I have 2x256 (standard config). I want atleast 1 GB, or preferably 2 GB of memory to be able to game on it. I was searching here for some information on the subject and came across the netshop newegg. It has insanely good prices for memory, and I can buy 2 GB of memory, for half the price of 1 GB on Anyway my question then is, are these to good to be true:

    Just forget it... They cant even ship internationally :/ That is so bad!
    Anyone know of a similar site that can ship to Denmark ?

    This perhaps ?
    Those seem allright?

    Old message:

    This here
    Or these

    I know OCZ, and use them in my desktop, I am very pleased with their performance.
    And so when this is Cas Latency 4, generally good timings. 533 mhz and DDR2. As far as I am concerned, these live fully up to what I can read in my manual.

    The others are not cas 4, but cas 5. They however run at 667. Which is better?

    And generally are they both good ? There are a lot of good reviews, I can see that myself. But none of them are used on a mac ? These should be allright for a mac too, right ? I hear so many great thing of Apples compatibility, so I believe these should be fine

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    I have a single stick of OCZ 1GB, DDR2 667mhz, PC2 5400, in my MacBook right now and it works great, I still have one of the factory 256 sticks installed also for a toal of 1.25gigs, I have had this setup for a few months now with no problems at all.

    You want to make sure you buy DDR2 667mhz and not 533mhz as you will see a performance decrease otherwise, the MacBooks are designed to run on 667.

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