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Thread: How much RAM is the standard

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    How much RAM is the standard
    I was a windows junky but all that change when spyware, corrupt files, and viruses took over. The standard for my PC and the programs I ran were 1 gig. i dont see too many 1 gig macbooks so im thinking 512 is the standard.

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    1 gig will do you fine, the 512mb is the minimum that can be installed and that's how they're sold.

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    512 is fine for your average email, surf, chat people
    1gig is good for people who maydo other things while doing that such as dabble in photoshop, fold, etc
    1gig+is good for people who use photoshop while using illustrator and want to rip a dvd all at the same time. for these people i recomend closer to 2 gigs esp since ram is so cheap nowadays
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    its also important to have 2gigs if you are using programs that require rosetta.
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    I've noticed that Apple have always been a bit stingy with RAM in their new machines.

    OS X makes much better use of spare RAM than XP (and I'm a window user, my wife is the Mac user) and so anything up to 4 gigs will be put to good use if you're a heavy multitasker. My better half has a 1 gig machine, 1.83ghz Core Duo, and I have never seen it need more but she's a fairly light user.

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    hey what is rosetta anyways...hehe i just got my mac so im still trying to figure out new things

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    Rosetta is built into OS X Tiger and allows PowerPC software to run on the Intel-based Macs. Rosetta translates code intended to run on PowerPC processors into code that is compatible with Intel processors.

    Keep in mind that Rosetta does not support the Apple Pro applications Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Logic Pro, Logic Express, Shake and Final Cut Express. You will need to purchase the Universal versions of these applications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsdaydrmer
    hey what is rosetta anyways...hehe i just got my mac so im still trying to figure out new things
    If you're still figuring out the new OS then you really won't be dealing with Rosetta. Just enjoy the experience and don't forget to search the forum just in case your question has already been answered.

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