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    Angry Can't read Philips burnt DVDr+ disks on my Mac?
    Hi, I have a Philips 75 DVD burner, the one that records from TV and I have burnt a load of DVDR+ disks from old analoge Video, but my Mac Powerbook G4 can't read them. Just spits them out. Anybody know how I can, either read them or get some kind of software so I can start editing them in imovie. Ideas much appriciated.

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    Apple's do not read any +R/+RW material only -R/-RW
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    I have a G5 at work and we have a buch of DVD+R blanks so I have been buring using them. They seem to work fine as long as you burn them on the Mac. Occasionally, one won't load, but will load on a PC with DVD player.

    I don't recommend it but it can work in a pinch.


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