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    Apple logo on Macbook?
    OK, I was looking at this site ( and they sell different color replacements for the apple logo on the outside of the mac laptop case. However it appears it will not work with a Macbook (not pro) because there is a "permanent white film stuck onto the clear apple." I don't want to scrape off the white film since I might want to replace it again eventually. My question is if it might be possible to get the clear apple from another case, like an iBook, etc, and use it with my Macbook so it looks right. Any way this would work? Thanks for any help.

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    I know somebody managed it by figuring out how to disassemble the macbook screen, but I would think voiding your warranty for the sake of a coloured logo is overkill

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    You might be able to get one off a dead iBook...

    Here is an article you might find useful if you decide to go through with your project.

    Best of luck

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    Thats pretty saweet, i never knew we could to that.

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    im gonna try it

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    I just used sticky backed plastic film on mine. I stuck it on and used a fresh sharp craft knife to very carefully etch around the logo. job's a good'en. Plus I didnt open my MacBook up to do it! And I can remove it easy if I need.
    On a crusade to get all household electricals in Apple white!

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