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Thread: Upgrade iBook HD After Thoughts

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    Upgrade iBook HD After Thoughts
    I just received my new 14" 933 G4 iBook this last week and I'm loving it. The only upgrade that I passed on and having second thoughts about was the 40GB to 60GB Hard drive upgrade. Is it possible/has anybody heard of someone receiving a laptop from apple and then having something upgraded in it? As I have said I got this last week, so I'm still in the 30 day satisfactory period. Thanks for any feedback.

    Happy New Apple Customer

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    There's a 30 day satisfactory period for Apple products?
    Never knew that. I would have upgraded the hd myself.

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    I could be wrong, I'll prolly just have to live with it.

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    Keep an eye on this thread. Apparently some people have allready done it and more ppl are going to do it.

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