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    Does your MBP feel "weird" while its being charged?
    I noticed that when i use my MBP while its being charged, that it feels funny sometimes... if you were to slightly rub your fingers against the aluminum finish somewhere, it would give off a strange vibration to your fingers...
    and also occasionally, my wrists would feel a slight jolt from the frame... its very slight... and very tolerable.... i just wanted to see if this is normal or at least if anyone else was experiencing this..

    it only does this while its being charged and used at the same time... when its running on battery i don't notice any of the above behavior... also yes, my environment is dry and i'm using washed, dry hands when operating on my MBP... any help would be appreciated... thanks.
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    I have heard this before from PB users as well. I think it is the aluminum. Try grounding yourself when plugged up. I think it has to do with the electirc current when you are plugged up.

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    Check out this thread I found. I knew I remembered someone talking about this issue but like I said it was a powerbook user. MBP made out of same material as far as I know.

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    wow.. this is exactly it.. thanks for the prompt reply.. this would have no affect on my MBP itself tho correct?
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    Yeah it doesn't. I use PB and know what you are talking about and it doesn't affect the PB at all. Maybe some MBP users will back me up on it later but it is safe.

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    Yeah. I get this. Does no damage, just one of those things.
    Oh...and only pretty girls use Macs...

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