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Thread: Configuring a linksys WAP on a Mac?

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    Configuring a linksys WAP on a Mac?
    I have a linksys WAP that is currently completely unsecured. Unfortunately, I need it to be secured, as being insecure caused some moron on a windows laptop, connected through my WAP, infected with Novarg... while my university was disabling all jacks infected with Novarg. Now, here's the kicker: linksys has no Mac drivers, and the model WAP I have doesn't have the USB connector. Since the only wireless laptop I have access to is my Powerbook.... this is a problem. The drivers crash instantly in Virtual PC, and directing my browser to shows my router that the WAP is connected to.

    Any suggestions on how I can configure my linksys from my Mac?

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    try to find any wireless pcmcia card that is comatiable with the mac os ! any wireless card will be able to join the linksys network

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    I don't have any problem joining the network, I have problems configuring it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarManta
    I don't have any problem joining the network, I have problems configuring it.
    had any luck so far?
    after trying to configure two for my firends... the easyiest way is to grab some CAT5 and plug your mac directly in and use the mac ported Internet Explorer to configure the router. it may be a bit sluggish... but it should do what you need.

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    I'll try that this weekend when i go home, thanks.

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