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Thread: 152" PB uses

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    152" PB uses
    OK...i'm definitely getting a Laptop...and i decided to go with a PB over the IBM T i think the 15" would be the best...but i don't know what it would handle...can you make a little list of what i can do on it....thanks in advance for the help

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    You can do anything your little heart desires..i switched about 8 months ago and everything i ever did on the pc or wanted to do i can do it on my powerbook in half the time...except burning dvds...

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    Guest i'm debating whether to wait for an update on the PBs or not...i'd flip out if they upgraded them a week after i bought one....and one other question...say i get the 15"...i would be able to watch DVDs on the cinema display if i connect to it..and it would be perfect quality?

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    o yea...another thing...i'm big on is the sound card in the never hear anything about them...i have a Sound Blaster 2 ZS right now..and it's amazing...

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    as long as your have a dvd player in your computer and its hooked up to the cinema display and working..your quality is going to be as good as dvd quality can possibly get.
    with the sound card...your sound card you gettin is about as best as you can get for a laptop but if your a total audio freak or want to do more than just listen to music then your going to want to upgrade it to a usb

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    The powerbooks can handle anything you throw at them. The picture quality - weather your watching on the pb itslef or an external display is amazing. I believe all of the new pb models have dvd players built in. I know the 15 does. Sound quality is excellent - i have mine hooked up to a 6.1 surround system, and the built in pb speakers are pretty good for a laptop. As far as waiting, i wouldnt. I believe new pbs are expected out within the next year, but new models always have glitches and you end up having to wait even more. I just went for it about a month ago and I have absolutely no regrets.

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