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    White MacBook, 2GHZ Intel Core Duo, 60GB HD, 2GB DDRAM
    Talking Dude, I'm loosing the Dell. xD Gettin a Mac.
    Alright guys, it's official, I'm gonna get a MacBook soon. I'm gonna get a refund from college and all I gotta do is throw in a couple hundred and... Dude, I'm getting a Mac. xD I decided to get a 2.0 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB Hardrive White MacBook. I went into the apple store the other day <saw the new ipod of course, great stuff> and noticed that all the black macbooks had grease smudges on them. They are awful looking and not something I would want. They seem like they would be a lot more noticable on the black books than the white ones.

    So now I'm stuck with a extra dell 700M Laptop. This laptop was a great companion to me. Never crashed <surprisingly> and runs great. I bought it for about $1,400. It's less than a year old. It's specs are:
    -Intel Pentium M Processor 735 (2.GHZ)
    -1.2 GB DDR Memory RAM
    -60GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
    -12.1" Screen
    -CD/RW DVD Drive.
    -Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2
    -Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Internal Wireless
    -Internal 56K Modem

    Does anyone know how much I can sell this for? Actually is anyone interested in it ? lol.

    And last but not least, does anyone have any opinions / suggestion on how much Ram and HD capacity I should get to replace my old Dell? And is the apple care plan really worth it ?

    woot woot ordering a mac this saturday. xD

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    ram - 2GB is obviously best, but dont buy them from Apple, buy them elsewhere and install it yourself. 512 doesnt cut it at all!!!!

    HD - depends on your needs. base it on how you liked the 60GB HD in your dell. need more? get more? need less? stay w/ a 60GB

    Apple Care depends on you and your habits. You get one year free w/ purchase. So i'd recommend doing what i did and hold off until about 11 months and then decide whether or not you need the extra coverage.

    my black MacBook seems to hold up really well to my sweaty hands. i just wipe off any smudges w/ my t-shirt and its all good. plus ive seen a few stained white MacBooks. this one girl that i see on campus has some nasty light brown smudges on either side of her trackpad and that would suck.

    my .02

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    White MacBook, 2GHZ Intel Core Duo, 60GB HD, 2GB DDRAM
    thanks for the info. wow i didn't know that. you can extend your apple care even after 11 months ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by transamman1999
    512 doesnt cut it at all!!!!
    Sure it does. I used 512 in most of my Macs running Photoshop, GarageBand and iMovie and never had a problem once. Could they have run better with more RAM? Sure they would have, but they still functioned fine on 512.

    Like you said:
    Quote Originally Posted by transamman1999
    depends on your needs. ... depends on you and your habits.
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    true, but i'm impatient and i dont like the thought of knowing my MacBook is capable of so much more and its being bottlenecked w/ only 512 ram.

    but in t-minus one hour, my blackbook will be screaming on 2 brand new 1GB sticks!!

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